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Man building UFO gas station

Man building UFO gas station
Man building UFO gas station

A Colorado man is aiming to build the world's first intergalactic gas station. Phil Hill, who has appeared “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory, announced today that he is planning to build a scale replica of Giza's Great Pyramid on Pike's Peak.

“It's an ambitious plan,” said George Kincaid, a UFO researcher based in Los Angles. “I personally doubt he will be able to pull it off.”

Hill, who is also known as “UFO Phil”, believes that the Egyption pyramids were once used as landing pads and power stations for visiting extraterrestrials. Hill claims to be in possession of secret schematics that were produced by aliens several centuries ago. The schematics allegedly reference a secret hydrogen variation that can be use to power everything from cars to starships.

Hill, in an interview with the ID network, also said he has been instructed by aliens to build "energy relay transmitters" on top of New York's Empire State Building, San Francisco's Coit Tower, and at Mount Rushmore.

"I've done all the necessary measurements," he said. "I'm just waiting for the government to approve my permits."

Hill cited other issues as well, such as the need for 60 men to lift each of the thousands of stones necessary to build the replica pyramid. He was also not certain where the cut rocks would come from, or how they would be transported to the top of the mountain.

Hill admitted the government is not returning his calls.