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Man bends car door: Victim trapped by fire, man bends locked door to free him

Man bends car door to save another when he was trapped inside a fiery vehicle.
Man bends car door to save another when he was trapped inside a fiery vehicle.
Commons Wikimedia

In Minnesota, a man bends a car door in order to save someone trapped inside as flames took over the vehicle. News Max reports June 30 that on Sunday night, Bob Renning was driving Interstate 35W in New Brighton when he noticed a burning car behind him. When he decided to pull over, the burning car pulled over at the same time.

The man inside the SUV -- Michael Johannes -- soon found himself trapped inside it after he stopped. He was beating on the door and windows trying to escape the car, but wasn't able to break free. Renning told his girlfriend to call 911 and ran to the SUV.

Renning tells the Pioneer Press:

"I could hear him. He was kicking and beating the window trying to break it open from the inside. I knew I didn't have a lot of time."

Renning, 52, ran over to Johannes' SUV and did an amazing thing. Renning bent the door from top to bottom, which resulted in the window shattering. From that point, Renning was able to get Johannes out, and both made it a safe distance away from the burning car.

Minnesota State Trooper Zachary Hill says this in his statement:

"(Renning) did an extraordinary deed, bending a locked car door in half ... to extricate a trapped person."

State Patrol officials reveal that Johannes reportedly suffered minor smoke inhalation, cuts and scrapes. Renning wasn't injured in the incident.

A man like this who bends a car door in half is obviously in great shape. Unsurprisingly, he's a member of the Air National Guard, but says he has "no clue" where the strength came from.

Renning says:

"I'm sure it was pure adrenaline."

Bob Renning is modest about the fact he rescued someone who would have easily died had he not been there when he was. Anyone who bends a car door to rescue a trapped person in a dangerous situation is extremely brave

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