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Man bends car door, saves driver from burning vehicle

A man bent a car door to save a passenger from a burning vehicle
A man bent a car door to save a passenger from a burning vehicle
Photo via Pioneer Press Twitter

Bob Renning is the man who bent a car door to help a passenger escape an SUV filling with flames and smoke. Michael Johannes is the man who was the recipient of this Renning's willingness to do whatever it took to help him get out of the car. shared the details on Tuesday.

Renning and Johannes were both driving down I-35W in New Brighton, Minn. when the incident occurred. Renning saw flames shooting out of a car a few vehicles behind him, and he slowed down to catch the driver's attention. They both pulled over, and Renning ran to the car after telling his girlfriend to call 911.

Johannes says that he had just purchased the Trailblazer a week ago, and he knew he had a big problem when he was going 65 mph down the freeway and his brakes failed. The car filled with smoke, and he was unable to get out of the car. An electrical malfunction locked the doors, and he couldn't get them open.

Flames started to take over the driver's side of the vehicle, so Johannes shifted to the passenger side and kicked at the window, but he couldn't get it to break. That's when one very helpful man bent the car door to help him escape. Renning pulled at the door frame until the glass shattered so Johannes could escape. Minnesota State Patrol trooper Zachary Hill said, β€œI feel this man deserves any and all commendation for his extraordinary life-saving measure that kept another from burning alive.”

Johannes was lucky enough to experience only a few cuts and scrapes along with some minor smoke inhalation. Things certainly could have had a very different outcome had Renning not been willing to jump in and help the man out of the burning car. As My Fox Twin Cities notes, Renning doesn't see himself as a hero at all. He says, β€œIt's not anything that someone else wouldn't have done in the same situation.” Many would disagree, as it's not many men who would bend a car door of a burning vehicle to help a stranger.