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Man bends car door: Extraordinary 'heroic' act, man rescues smoking SUV victim

Man bends a car door to save victim from a burning car
Man bends a car door to save victim from a burning car
MN State Patrol (Photo File), Kare 11 News

A local man bends a car door in half in order to rescue a helpless driver trapped inside. Law enforcement authorities are dubbing the decision an extraordinary, heroic act this week. Minnesota State Patrol officers affirm that the sole reason a Minneapolis man survived the scorching ordeal is thanks to the courageous efforts and quick-thinking of another motorist who saved him from the heavily smoking SUV. KARE 11 News reports this Monday, June 30, that although they suffered a few cuts and slight smoke inhalation, both men are expected to be just fine.

While staggering news stories in the U.S. make headlines each and every day, when a man bends a car door using only sheer willpower, it’s going to catch the public’s attention. Authorities from the Minnesota State Patrol have confirmed that Robert Renning of Woodbury is a veritable hero who led a daring rescue this week. While driving southbound not far from County Road D on Interstate 35 West, Renning spotted a burning car— the SUV had apparently caught fire and was smoking on the highway. Not expecting to make any heroic act, the bystander still knew he had to do something.

Michael Johannes, a motorist from Minneapolis, has been confirmed as the driver of the burning vehicle. Renning managed to warn Johannes of the situation and flagged him down to make an emergency stop. According to this hero’s statement, Renning pulled his own car over as well — moments later, Johannes’ SUV erupted into heated smoke.

KSTP News shares that the major vehicle malfunction resulted in the electronic windows failing to open. Renning tried to get Johannes out of the burning car, but realized he was unable to do so. In order to rescue the man, the brave motorist then sprinted to the car and somehow managed to bend the locked door enough to cause the glass to shatter.

It might sound impossible, but given in Johannes’ own statement with the police, his hero — using his bare hands and on sheer adrenaline alone — was able to bend the burning SUV’s door just enough to help him escape. Renning was then able to reach into the car and pull the trapped motorist outside.

Police are calling the act nothing less than an extraordinary deed of heroism. Renning only suffered a couple cuts from the shattering glass, while Johannes was treated for smoke inhalation and a few cut wounds himself. However, both men are expected to make a full recovery.

"He did an extraordinary deed, bending a locked car door in half of a burning car to extricate a trapped person," said State Trooper Zachary Hill, who responded to the scene and took pictures in the aftermath. "I feel this man deserves any and all commendation for his extraordinary life-saving measure that kept another from burning alive."

Talk about a Good Samaritan being at the right place at the right time (with the right strength). Johannes has said that he hopes to repay Renning someday for his life-saving heroism, though doing so to such a degree might prove to be a definite challenge. With adrenaline rushing through us in the hopes of saving another person’s life, this amazing case with a happy ending certainly seems to show that even we average Joe’s can become superhuman for a time with enough courage and willpower.

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