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Man at Amtrak Station says ‘I feel like killing someone’ and then kills someone

In an unprovoked attack, a 21-year-old man beat a 56-year-old man to death with his bare hands at an Amtrak Station, just because he felt like it.
In an unprovoked attack, a 21-year-old man beat a 56-year-old man to death with his bare hands at an Amtrak Station, just because he felt like it.
San Antonio Police Department

A 21-year-old man who beat a total stranger to death with his bare hands in a senseless and unprovoked attack at an Amtrak Station just east of downtown San Antonio, Texas, on Thursday just because he said he felt “like killing someone,” has been arrested and charged with murder. According to officials with the San Antonio Police Department, Michael Joseph Fobbs went up to a man who was sitting on a bench by himself at the crowded station waiting to get on a bus. Then, according to a July 8 report from USA Today, Fobbs just started punching the unsuspecting victim with his fists.

Police say that in the middle of pummeling his victim, Fobbs, from Cibolo, Texas, stopped, paused for a moment or two, and then uttered the words “I feel like killing someone." Fobbs then proceeded to relentlessly punch his knockout victim until he was dead. Security personnel working the Amtrak Station rushed to the scene of the commotion, but were too late to save the victim. The beating was captured on surveillance video, according to the police.

The unidentified victim has been described as a 56-year-old man from Texas. Authorities are not releasing the victim’s name until police can track down and notify his family.

Witnesses at the scene said that immediately following the punching death of his victim, Fobbs’ demeanor changed. He was described as going from angry to “calm and detached,” according to My San Antonio. Witnesses say that when he calmed down, Fobbs went into his suitcase, broke out a clean shirt and went to the men’s room to exchange his blood soaked shirt for a fresh one.

Other travelers at the Amtrak Station waiting for their train told police that they noticed Fobbs angrily pacing around the station at approximately 11 p.m. on July 3. Those witnesses described Fobbs as giving them several angry looks. When one of the travelers asked Fobbs if there was a problem,

“Fobbs walked away and then entered and exited the waiting area several times, still apparently angry, the witnesses told police.”

The next time Fobbs appeared, he went up to that 56-year-old man sitting by himself on the station bench, and beat him to death. NBC News reported police as saying that when they questioned Fobbs, he told them that he felt threatened by his victim, even though the man didn't overtly do anything to make Fobbs feel that way. Following his arrest and being charged with murder, Fobbs was transported to the Bexar County Jail with his bail set at $150,000.

Police wrote in a report that Fobbs "did not appear to be in a normal state of mind."

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