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Man arrested in Walmart for sucking woman's toes

A man was arrested for sucking a woman's toes at Walmart.
A man was arrested for sucking a woman's toes at Walmart.
Big Oil/flickr

Michael Anthony Brown was arrested in a North Carolina Walmart. He allegedly tried to suck a woman's toes in the shoe department. According to a March 21 report by the Washington Post, he was arrested for assault on a female and turned over to the Lincolnton police.

Brown asked the woman to let him help her try on shoes. He convinced her he was a podiatry student. Instead of being a student of podiatry, he was a registered sex offender.

The woman agreed to let him help her. That is when the man put her toes in his mouth and started sucking on her toes. The woman became upset.

Brown begged her not to tell anyone. He even offered to buy her groceries, if she didn't report him. The woman called the police anyway.

Michael Anthony Brown is being held on a $50,000 bond in Lincoln County, North Carolina. At the time of publication, any information about a future court date was unknown. It was also unknown if Brown has paid his bail and been released.