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Man arrested for sex with pit bull in his yard: Neighbors yell at him to stop

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A group of Florida residents witnessed their neighbor performing a sex act with his pit bull dog out in his yard and told him to stop, but the man ignored them. A police officer was flagged down by one of the man’s neighbors and was told what the man was doing, according to WFTS News on March 5.

When the police arrived they found a small group of the man’s mortified neighbors who told police that they witnessed him having sex with a dog and they had yelled at him to stop. They told police that the man acted like they weren’t there and ignored them.

The officer charged the 57-year-old man with animal cruelty and taking part in sexual activity involving animals. The man, Benard Marsonek, is a convicted felon and while the police were there on the animal call, they found a gun in his house, which will result in another charge.

When police tried to interview him he was uncooperative, they said. The Hillsboro County Animal Services took custody of all the dogs located on his property. They found he had eight pit bulls.