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Man arrested for extreme animal abuse that resulted in amputation of dog's leg

Willow after her surgery
Willow after her surgery
Linn County Dog Control / Facebook

An Oregon dog who was severely abused is on the mend – and looking for a new home. Oregon Live reported today that the Oregon man who abused a Boxer named Willow will face animal abuse charges. The abuse was so severe that one of Willow’s hind legs had to be amputated.

Man arrested for animal abuse so severe that dog's leg was amputated
Linn County Dog Control / Facebook

Jonathan Michael Farris, 27, did not own the dog, but was caring for Willow and another eight-month-old Boxer in Oregon last month. Police stated that Farris' aunt, Denise Armstrong of Sweet Home, Oregon, owned both dogs.

According to the sheriff’s office, Farris beat up both of the dogs and then threw them outside. Police stated that Farris admitted to throwing Willow on the ground, severely injuring her. It is not clear why Farris allegedly attacked the dogs. Willow’s injuries were so extensive that veterinarians had no choice but to amputate one of her hind legs.

According to Linn County Dog Control's Facebook page, Willow had a severely fractured femur and a dislocated hip. They stated that Dr. Braat and the staff at Linn Veterinary Hospital provided Willow's initial care and radiographs and Dr. Reid and the staff at Reid Veterinary Hospital performed her surgery on July 30. Willow's recovery should take a few weeks.

Armstrong signed both of the dogs over to Linn County Animal Control. The younger dog, which was not injured in the abuse, has already found an adoptive home.

Boxers are known for being loyal, intelligent, devoted, loving dogs. If you are interested in adopting this Willow, the sheriff’s office stated that you can visit the shelter at 3008 Ferry St. S.W. in Albany, Oregon, or call 541 967 3925.

Farris is scheduled to appear in Linn County Circuit Court on Aug. 20. Oregon State Law states that animal abuse in the first degree (167.320) occurs when: A person commits the crime of animal abuse in the first degree if, except as otherwise authorized by law, the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly:

(a) Causes serious physical injury to an animal; or (b) Cruelly causes the death of an animal. Animal abuse in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor.