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Man arrested for death of stepfather due to ‘atomic wedgie’

Schoolyard bully moves are actually really dangerous when done by grown men based on news out of Oklahoma.

The Pottawatomie County Sherriff’s Office confirmed via tweet on Wednesday that a man was arrested for possibly suffocating his stepfather with his own underwear in one of the weirdest cases they had ever seen.

Authorities arrested 33-year-old Brad Davis for the death of Denver St. Clair, 58, in December after the two had a fight in St. Clair’s home.

Sherriff Mike Booth told reports that Davis admitted to being with his stepfather at the time but that the older man started the altercation.

Police found the dead man with his waistband around his neck. Authorities confirmed that he died from blunt force trauma to the head and asphyxiation from the garment.

The case was strange because Davis used the term “atomic wedgie” to describe what he did to St. Clair.

The family has a history of domestic violence between the stepfather and his ex-wife, Tressia St. Clair.

Denver allegedly attacked Tressia in 2008 when she expressed concern over how he and a friend were embracing. She told police that he held her by the neck and threw her through a door.

The man was dead when deputies arrived at the home near McLoud. Davis is expected to be charged with murder in the case.

Wedgies have been in the news before in relation to crime.

In Jan 2013, a man was arrested for grabbing and pulling people’s undergarments in a movie theater while filming.

Charles Ross was charged with battery in Florida after a man reported him.

He did the pranks as part of his YouTube channel where he did other pranks on unsuspecting people in public.

Reports show he was later arrested for an out of county warrant for a misdemeanor.

He was later released on bail on Jan 14, 2015.

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