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Man arrested for allegedly beating wife and puppy

Abused pup, Alex
Abused pup, Alex
Muncie ARF via Facebook

According to Friday's publication of the Star-Press, a Muncie, Indiana, man was arrested for allegedly beating a young husky pup and his wife.

The man believed to be responsible for severely injuring the 12-week-old pup, named "Alex," is 36-year-old Juan Jose Dominguez. Police launched an investigation into the abusive situation after Dominguez's wife dropped off the battered pup at the no-kill animal shelter, Animal Rescue Fund (ARF), claiming that the pup had been struck by a car.

On August 13, Muncie ARF posted the following information about Alex's injuries to their Facebook followers:

After being examined at Boyce Animal Hospital it was determined that his injuries are so severe that Alex needs to go to Northwood Animal Hospital in Anderson and is on his way via the ARF ambulance. We believe he may have multiple fractures in his leg and possible internal injuries.

Alex's body revealed multiple injuries, including broken ribs in various states of healing. A veterinarian determined that the wounds were not consistent with being struck by a car and investigators decided to question Dominguez and his wife.

During the interview, the woman admitted that the puppy had been abused and tortured by her husband on multiple occasions - she told the investigators that she had also been a victim of domestic violence for ten years. The woman stated that she had been punched, struck with a bat, stabbed and kicked by her husband. Photos of her various injuries, including a shoe imprint on her back, scars, bruises and a stab wound, were taken by the authorities.

Following the woman's statement, Dominguez was arrested on charges of cruelty to animals, domestic batter and aggravated battery; he was taken to the Delaware County jail on a $15,000 bond.

Alex continues his recovery at a foster home and is reported to being doing well now that he has been removed from the abusive situation.

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