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Man arrested after tornado destruction reveals stolen property

There is a Christian saying in the South that warns that your "sins will find you out." Jerrod L. Christian might just agree with that. Christian was arrested on suspicion of burglary after stolen property was discovered at his home in the Rock Springs area of Kingsport, Tennessee. It would be more accurate to say what was left of his home because a tornado had just come through and almost destroyed it. The Kingsport Police Department reported Tuesday that stolen property from two separate burglaries was discovered with a value of over $1,000.

After a tornado destroyed much of a Rock Springs home, stolen property is discovered.
Kingsport Police Department

In this weird news story, the initial phone call to the police was made by a neighbor who was rushing to offer help and assistance at Christian's residence after witnessing the tornado damage. Upon arrival at the scene at 1912 Rock Springs Road, the neighbor recognized his own air compressor which was stolen from his barn the previous day! When the police arrived, they found other items that had been previously reported as stolen.

Where was Jerrod L. Christian when the devastating tornado tore through the Rock Springs area? The police located him in the Sullivan County Jail where he was already incarcerated for other charges, and Christian was then charged with two counts of burglary. The previous incident which landed him in jail is also slightly bizarre, but does not involve an act of nature.

The police had responded to a July 26 call from Christian’s girlfriend that he had taken her van. In the meantime, he returned the vehicle, but his behavior was allegedly quite unruly. WJHL News reports that he would not cooperate with the officers, and the scene escalated to shouting and cursing. After an arrest for Disorderly Conduct, he was transported to the Sullivan County Jail. En route, the suspect allegedly threatened to assault the arresting officer and his mother. Additional threats of sexual assault against the officer’s children were also reported which garnered Christian additional charges of Retaliation for Past Action.

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