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Man arrested after threatening to kill President Obama and ‘light Nashville up’

‘I will come with an AK and kill all you (expletives).’  The man’s hit list also included Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and more.
‘I will come with an AK and kill all you (expletives).’ The man’s hit list also included Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and more.
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

A 45-year-old man from Ardmore, Tennessee, was arrested after authorities say that he threatened to kill President Barack Obama and a few other politicians in a most violent fashion. Officers with the Metropolitan Nashville Police took Jimmie Randall Johnson Jr. into custody after he left expletive laden messages with the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security threatening to kill and ""blow up” President Obama, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and members of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation,” according to information gleaned from court documents by The News Courier and released on July 22.

Johnson allegedly called the main telephone number for the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security and left three separate voice messages on July 11. Johnson was courteous and thoughtful enough to leave his name the second time he called and left a message. Having left his name helped investigators to follow up on his threat to also “attack the Nashville International Airport.”

“I’ll come on that (expletive) airport and blow them all up… kill that that (expletive) (racial epithet),” Johnson reportedly said in one message.

“I will (expletive) you up so (expletive) bad your own momma won’t know who the (expletive) you are,” he reportedly said in reference to Tennessee Homeland Security Director David Purkey. “I will come with an AK and kill all you (expletives).”

Court documents also show that Johnson made specific references to taking out Ryan and Romney during each of his three calls. He reportedly placed yet another call on July 12 where he again threatened to kill Ryan and Romney and also threatened to “light Nashville up.”

With assistance from AT&T who traced Johnson’s phone calls and connected them back to him, the police and the Secret Service visited Johnson in Huntsville, Alabama. During his police interview, Johnson admitted that he had made those threatening calls and left those messages, according to Fox News.

Johnson was booked into Davidson County Jail and charged with one count of harassment. His bond was set at $5,000. Johnson is scheduled to be back in court on the morning of July 24.

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