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Man arrested after firework hits Manchester police cruiser

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According to a Thursday press release by Manchester Police, a man lit a Roman candle that caused a police cruiser to be struck by fiery projectiles from the firework on Elm Street on Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013. The man, identified by witnesses was arrested.

Police said Aric Pettis, 25, of Bennington, NH was charged with Reckless Conduct following the investigation into the incident.

The release stated that at approximately 9:15 p.m. Officer Rob Megowen was traveling in a marked police cruiser on Elm Street, in the area of Lowell Street, when a small sparking ball of fire struck the hood and windshield of his cruiser. Similar sparks of flames also flew into two separate groups of pedestrians on Elm Street.

Officer Megowen believed the source of the ball of flames was a Roman candle that apparently had been discharged in front of McGarvey’s Pub, at 1097 Elm Street. Officer Megowen detained several people in front of the pub and recovered a discharged Roman candle from the ground next to a planter.

Witness accounts led to the identification of Aric Pettis as the person who lit the firework. Reportedly Pettis had placed the Roman candle in a planter in front of McGarvey’s and lit it, causing the fire balls to strike the cruiser and endanger the pedestrians in the area. Pettis was placed under arrest.

Source: Manchester Police Department

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