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Man arrested after biting his brother's ear off during Super Bowl party

A 27-year-old man was arrested after he bit his brother's ear off during a Super Bowl party in New York. According to a video report by Huff Post Live, Sean Fallon-Nebbia was wrestling with his brother after Sunday's big game. The guys spent the day drinking whiskey according to police and things ended up getting rowdy -- as they sometimes do.

Things turned ugly when Fallon-Nebbia bit his brother's ear and then knocked him unconscious. Police were called to the scene where they arrested Fallon-Nebbia. He has pleaded "not guilty" to first degree felony assault. His brother was transported to a local hospital but he is expected to be okay. It's unclear whether or not he is still in the hospital at this time.

A judge has issued an order of protection for Fallon-Nebbia's brother, but Fallon-Nebbia is still behind bars on $15,000 bond.

Check out the video above for more on this story.

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