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Man arrested after alleged dog abuse is captured on video

According to Saturday's KTLA News, a man in Lancaster, Calif., was arrested for suspicion of felony animal cruelty after a good Samaritan captured damning video evidence of alleged dog abuse on a cell phone.

Lindsey Cooks was waiting at a bus stop near a residential area when he witnessed 54-year-old Robert Martin abusing his medium-sized black dog. In the video footage, Martin can be seen swinging the dog by a leash and then at one point, lifting the dog into the air and throwing him onto the road. Cooks tried to get the man to stop and his efforts were met by racial insults.

The dog manages to get to his feet and run after the hard slam to the ground.

Cooks made good use of the video which was captured last weekend - the man reached out to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Lancaster Station and officers were able to arrest Martin a short time later.

Cooks spoke about his decision to record and report the alleged abuse - he told KTLA News:

I’m a human being, you know?”

“I couldn’t see not even a human being being treated like that, especially a dog that can’t defend itself, a little dog, so I had to do something.”

Amazingly, despite the disturbing abuse that was captured on Cooks' cell phone, the victimized dog was not seriously injured. Animal control was able to retrieve the dog and take him to the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control facility in Lancaster.

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