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Man amputates his own hand with a homemade guillotine

Mark Goddard amputated own hand
Picture: SWNS

Yep, you read that headline right. It's not an April Fool's Joke. A British man really chopped off his own hand after he claimed hospitals refused to perform the operation for him.

Fox News reported Tuesday, Mark Goddard, 44, of Newton Abbot in Devon, UK, said he has suffered excruciating nerve pain in his left arm since being involved in a motorcycle accident 16 years ago. He said his only option was to cut off his own hand because hospitals had refused to perform the operation.

“I should not have to go to such extremes to get my pain stopped,” Goddard told Metro UK. “There was an alternative – and that was having it done properly in hospital.”

However, Goddard made a guillotine-like device, cut off his hand and threw it into a fire, so doctors would not be able to reattach it. He then went to the hospital where he was treated for blood loss.

Goddard said he still has pain in the rest of his arm. He hopes to have more of his limb removed in a hospital. Otherwise, he is threatening to cut off his arm as well.

Goddard says he has undergone several psychiatric examinations and passed all of them fine.

What do you think? Did this man have another option besides performing his own amputation?

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