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Man alone in Las Vegas airport overnight makes viral video

If you have ever had your flight canceled and stuck at the airport you already know the feeling. What is there to do, curl up and go to sleep, eat? Richard Dunn a lighting designer from Georgia decided to take matters into his own hands and made a video.

Man alone in Las Vegas airport overnight makes viral video

How avoid being the misery of being bored and alone in an airport

No opportunities. After Dunns flight was cancelled he was stranded at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and received some free travel vouchers for the cancellation. But doom is doom when you are all alone. Dunn found himself to be completely alone all night in the international airport. So alone in fact, that not another single person appears in his video taken by Dunn on escalators, and whatever else he could find.

Departures, arrivals, cacellations

Video is done to the tune of “All By Myself,” by Celine Dion, by attaching his camera to a wheelchair, the Vimeo video is born.

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