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Man allegedly imprisoned girlfriend after dreaming that she cheated on him

This man reportedly can't tell the difference between reality and dream...
Raw Story

Florida man Carlos Gascon, 27, has been charged with with a slew of crimes associated with domestic violence and imprisonment after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend over a span of an entire day. The Raw Story shared on Sunday (Aug. 10) the details of this horrendous story. This woman allegedly endured several hours of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, and the most sickening part of this story is that the reason for the abuse is because he supposedly had a dream that she cheated on him. The victim, who isn't being named here, told police that Gascon cut the back of her leg with a knife before holding the weapon to her throat and threatening her. He also reportedly choked her and poured hot coffee on her.

This man didn't just assault his girlfriend. If the allegations against him are true, he downright tortured this woman for multiple hours. He's also accused of animal cruelty, as he is accused of slamming his own dog down on the ground and then stepping on its neck. It sounds like he had a complete and total meltdown -- and all over a dream that he had. Fortunately, the suspect is behind bars on $265,000 bond -- an amount that he hopefully can't afford. This should give his alleged victim time to figure out what to do before he gets out and does something worse.

Domestic violence claims the lives of thousands of women. In fact, one out of every three female victims of homicide is murdered by her significant other. It's also a fact that victims of domestic violence are at the highest risk when they try to get out of their abusive relationships. The idea that this man can be put into a murderous rage over nothing more but a dream about cheating indicates that he is capable of far more. Hopefully the victim in question can get far away soon.

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