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Man accused of punching woman at McDonald's drive-through

A man in Winter Haven, Florida allegedly punched a woman in a McDonald's drive-through according to a video report by GeoBeats. The incident was caught on tape by another fast food customer. In said video (which you can see above), 68-year-old Howard Wilson can be seen at the passenger side door of a car, having a conversation of sorts and then moving his arm in a punching motion.

Witnesses say that Wilson got angry when the other car cut in front of him in line. This caused him to get out of his car and exchange words with the woman in the passenger's seat. While no audio can be heard in the video taken by one witness, Wilson was said to be swearing and yelling "racial slurs" at the woman.

The McDonald's drive-through incident caught up to Wilson who just drove home not thinking the police would come knocking on his door. He was promptly arrested and now faces a battery charge.

No word on whether or not he got fries with that.

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