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Man accused of hanging puppy is sentenced to jail

Puppy seized from couple
Puppy seized from couple
Dallas County DA

According to Tuesday's WSFA News, the 23-year-old, central Alabama man who is accused of hanging a puppy from the ceiling, has been sentenced to jail time.

On Tuesday, Andrew Parish was sentenced to six months in jail, 24 months probation and 100 hours of community service for the disturbing incident which came to light after photos of the cruel act were posted to Facebook.

Though Parish's girlfriend, 26-year-old Caroline Dunnam, was also initially implicated in the cruelty case, she is not facing charges because Parish admitted that he was the individual who abused the pup, named "Timmy."

Shortly after the incident, District Attorney Michael Jackson stated:

They decided that they were going to hang a dog from the ceiling by its neck. The poor dog was hanging from the ceiling with some kind of rope around its neck,"

"What their motivation was, we don't know at this point. It's still under investigation. It was just very callous to have it posted on Facebook. I guess they thought it was a joke or something to hang a poor little dog."

The four-month-old pup was surrendered by the couple and is said to be in the care of animal control.

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