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Man accused of beating dog has been sentenced to prison time

Dog abuser sentenced to prison time
Dog abuser sentenced to prison time
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A Fort Walton Beach, Fla., man who beat his dog with a piece of lumber, has been sentenced to nearly two years of prison time, reported Friday's Northwest Florida Daily News.

The 22.2 month sentence was dealt to Jesse Eugene Morris after he pleaded no contest to the charges stemming from the incident which took place on May 9 at Morris' home on Green Street. According to a press release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department, a neighbor had contacted the authorities after seeing Morris holding his dog on the ground and beating the dog with a piece of wood.

According to the release, when deputies responded, Morris initially denied being in possession of the dog in question - he told the officers that he had re-homed the dog several days before the incident.

Shortly thereafter, Morris admitted that he had "disciplined" the dog by kicking her and throwing her out of the fence gate. The deputies were eventually granted permission to enter Morris' home and they discovered the seriously injured dog, who was unable to walk, stashed away in a bedroom closet; the door had several heavy items in front of it.

The accused man admitted that he knew the injured dog was in the closet and acknowledged that he was going to get rid of her after the deputies left.

Morris is to complete his sentence in the state prison and he will then be on probation for three years - during that time, he is prohibited from owning any animals. Morris has been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation and he must complete any recommended treatment, in addition to paying a $2,500 fine.

No information has been released on the condition and/or fate of the abused dog.

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