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Man accidentally spills boiling water on pet, then kills dog with car

Schnauzer like this one was killed by its owner/Not the dog from the story
Konstantin Ivanov/Wikimedia Free Commons

A pet owner in Bay City, Mich. decided that it was better to kill his dog after accidentally spilling boiling water on it than to take the pooch to the vet to get treated. According to the Detroit Free Press on Feb. 13, Aaron Bellor told authorities that he didn't know what to do after the incident, so he ran the dog over, twice, with his vehicle.

Supposedly, the Bay City man was making grits and said that he spilled the hot pan on his pet schnauzer named Sassy. The dog was given to him by friends that were no longer able to care for it. He then drove Sassy to another township, put the dog down, and ran the pooch over with his car. As the dog laid there still breathing, the 22-year-old finished the job by running over the dog one more time. Bay County Sheriff’s Lt. Jim Chlebowski said that it didn't look like the dog's injuries were too severe and that a veterinarian would have been able to treat it. This all could have been avoided.

Bellor said that he regretted what he did and turned himself in for questioning and has now been charged with animal cruelty. If convicted, he could face four years in prison.

What would possess a grown man to think it is better to run a pet over with their car instead of seeking treatment for its injuries? Maybe he thought that people would not believe him that spilling the hot water on the dog was an accident but whatever he thought, this was a needless act of animal cruelty.

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