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Man, 88, shoots wife in hospital: William Dresser in jail and on suicide watch

An 88-year-old man walked into his wife’s hospital room and shot her in the chest. The man, who is now behind bars, has been put on suicide watch for this bizarre crime. He is also held on $225,000 bail, according to CNN News on Jan. 20.

88-year-old William Dresser walked into his wife's hospital room and shot her. She has a life-threatening gunshot wound. She was in the hospital doing rehabilitation from an injury which was not life-theatening.
Carson City Sheriff's Department

William Dresser walked into his wife’s Nevada hospital room and opened fire, resulting with the wife getting a gunshot wound to her chest, according to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. Dresser shot his wife with his newly purchased small caliber semi-automatic handgun.

The wife, who was in the rehabilitation unit recuperating from an injury, has been taken to another hospital with a life-threatening gunshot wound. She is now in Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno. Her name and age was not released by authorities.

It is not known why Dresser walked into his wife’s room on Sunday and shot her. The police have not released a motive. Sheriff Ken Furlong reports that Dresser does not have a criminal past.

While it was reported Dresser is behind bars, it is not known what he did after he shot his wife and how police were able to take him into custody.

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