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Man 2.89 carat diamond Arkansas park: Park visitor finds 2.89 carat diamond

A man found a 2.89-carat diamond in an Arkansas Park March 6 and will keep the valuable piece.

FOX News reports March 12 Brandon Kalenda from Louisiana discovered the diamond at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro.

Kalenda named the diamond "Jax Diamond" after his baby son, Jackson.

The 2.89-carat diamond found in the Arkansas park is the 47th diamond to be registered by park visitors this year, according to the report. It is also the fourth heaviest, weighing more than a carat.

“Sure enough, Brandon found his diamond after searching for about 20 minutes in the Fugitt’s Bank area of the park’s search area,” Park Interpreter Margi Jenks said. “We encourage park visitors to look for pockets or layers on the surface of gravel, and search there."

Kalenda's diamond is said to be "triangular-shaped with a metallic appearance and is about the size of an English pea."

“No two diamonds in the rough are alike," Jenks said.

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