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Mammon and Moloch merger in abortion biz

Carol Everett, a former abortion provider in Texas, is founder of the Heidi Group, a network of that helps pregnant women make life affirming choices.
Carol Everett, a former abortion provider in Texas, is founder of the Heidi Group, a network of that helps pregnant women make life affirming choices.
The American Journal

If you're pro-life, you may have dismissed various and sundry ideas as being too insane to be real. What if abortionists were paid for every abortion? What if Planned Parenthood deliberately arranged for a higher pregnancy rate in order to drum up business? What if they really were worshiping Moloch in their backyards? Okay, maybe not the last one.

Unfortunately, the rest may not be quite as conspiracy-theory, tinfoil-hat as you might think.

From The Catholic Register

Carol Everett operated four abortion clinics in Texas from 1977-1983 until an encounter with Jesus Christ turned her into a pro-life advocate.

“I sold abortions,” Everett told the annual Rose Dinner May 8 following the National March for Life.

She described her abortion clinics as a “cash cow” that earned her a commission for every abortion plus a share of the clinic’s fees. A doctor would perform an abortion in one room, and then go across the hall to perform another, often without scrubbing up again, she said. As he was across the hall, the other room was prepared for the next girl.

Okay, that part may not count as news. After all, the slaughterhouses of Kermit Gosnell showed us that much. And most of the abortion clinics shut down in states across the nation were closed due to conditions that were nowhere near operation room levels of cleanliness. In most cases, slaughterhouses are probably cleaner.

Wait for it, the best is yet to come.

Everett took aim at state-funded sex education programs which she said were responsible for breaking down the natural modesty of children and damaging parental bonds. Children are being taught about sex and masturbation in ways that “shame the children” so they will not be comfortable telling their parents what they heard, Everett said.

Funny, it's usually reported that religion is supposed to be responsible for that sort of thing. Hmm. Odd, isn't it? Any stigma to beat a... oh, never mind. Everett continues

Another way children are set up for abortions is the widespread prescriptions for low dose birth control pills that must be taken at the same time every day in order to be effective, she said. Most people are not able to do that consistently so they become pregnant while taking the pill.

Step one, feed the children propaganda that isolates them from the parents in issues of sex, so that the children can only come to the "abortion provider" for assistance. Step two, give them prescriptions that will in all likelihood be ineffective. Step three, reap the harvest when they come in for an abortion. Notice that condoms aren't even an issue here, and no one cares that the pill won't stop an STD, so this is teaching teens to go get themselves killed (there is some argument that the micropores on condoms won't stop an STD either, but one thing at a time). While I am all for letting teenagers get a Darwin award, I insist that they earn it on their own merits.

To be "fair," what Everett describes is a solid business model. To be reasonable, this is a whole new level of insidious. Seriously, what sort of monstrous, double-dealing, backstabbing, Disney villain-level maniac would do this sort of thing? Answer: The abortion lobby. But, seriously now, this reads like a conspiracy theory.

However, this was a speech on May 8th, and no one has exactly rushed to deny these practices.

But wait, it gets even better. Because, you know, stacking the deck to provide a market for more abortions isn't nearly enough.

Everett warned against the abortion drug RU-486, which is in the approval process in Canada. The National March for Life had as its theme this year “RU-4LIFE” to raise concerns about the drug.

“The abortion industry has an agenda (on RU-486),” she said. “It’s a way for the abortion industry to double-dip.”

First a woman is charged for the drug, but if it does not work properly, she must go in for a surgical abortion, she said.

“We know it kills women.”

Its side effects have included hemorrhaging, heart attacks and blood clots, she said.

“Keep that chemical abortion drug out of your nation. You as citizens have more impact than anyone. It’s time for all of us to stand up.”

Are the same variations on "the pill" legal in Canada as in the US? Because if they are, one should probably tell Everette that variations on "the pill" available here also have these side effects (as well as a risk of cancer), but that hasn't stopped their use.

The next part Everett addresses is another issue that is also mysteriously absent from any conversation around "unwanted "pregnancy.

Girls who become pregnant are going to call an abortion clinic and reach a counsellor, she said. But she noted those who call themselves pro-choice “only talk about abortion.”

“Do you ever hear them talk about adoption?” she asked.

The counsellors are really telemarketers who are trained to “overcome objections” and close the deal by making an appointment for an abortion, she said. They are trained to reassure the pregnant girl by saying things such as, “We can take care of the problem,” and “No one needs to know.”

After all, when they're getting paid by the baby ... oh, sorry, paid by the fetus ... adoption just isn't the sort of thing one pushes for. Baby-killing is their business. So much for family planning, how about family preventing? That seems more their speed. Heck, even the Christian author GK Chesterton said long ago, birth control isn't about controlling birth, it's about birth prevention.

Between encouraging behavior that will provide grist for the abortion mills, and then driving the sales pitch so it guides people away from any other option, one has to ask: Seriously now, are they actually, actively, worshiping Moloch now? Because if they're not, they should be.

Given the money involved, why did Everett stop?

Everett said she was thinking of expanding her business and contacted a business counsellor for advice. She said she didn’t care what he charged. She noted he “didn’t cuss, he didn’t drink and he didn’t chew tobacco.”

“I knew that man was a Christian,” she said.

She told him she kept a Bible in her desk in the abortion clinic and that she prayed no women would die. She asked him if he were a preacher, and he said he was. He told her God had sent him because there was someone inside the Lord “wanted out.” He eventually led her to say the Sinner’s Prayer, acknowledging she is a sinner and thanking God for sending Jesus Christ to die for her on the cross.

When she returned to the abortion clinic after accepting Christ into her life, she noticed “girls sitting in the corner crying.”

“I saw it maybe for the first time,” she said. “I used to be the hammer, pushing them towards their abortions.”

She realized not only was she a “baby-killing woman” but also she was a “woman-killing woman.”

Everett said the people who led her to Christ sheltered her, discipled her and fed her Scripture. She began to realize she did not believe she could be forgiven for having taken the life of her own child in 1973, shortly after the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. At the time, she already had two children, the first conceived out of wedlock when she was only 16. Her husband did not want the third child.

After the abortion, Everett left her husband and ran away from the pain of the loss into the abortion industry. She named the aborted baby “Heidi” and subsequently founded the Heidi Group, a foundation to help women and girls in crisis pregnancies make life-affirming choices.

“She’s why I’m here,” she said.

...Okay. No snarky comments for that. Granted, if one were part of the pro-abortion crowd, one would cite that past part as evidence that she could be lying about everything. But, again, this speech was made over a week ago, and there's been no massive denials scattered so far over the internet that one can't escape them. The usual full-on fanatics are probably just trying to hope this news never gets out, and the whole things goes away. If that was the plan, too bad. If and/or when these details hit the mainstream media at large, expect the "she's been brainwashed by religion" argument to be part of their rants.

Everette continued with something already brought up above.

Everett said she brought good news from Texas where legislation has been brought in to ensure “no babies 20 weeks and older would be murdered in Texas and the abortionist must have admitting privileges in a hospital.” That latter provision alone has led to the closing of 28 abortion clinics in the state, she said.

Legislation is also forcing every abortion clinic to be licensed as an ambulatory surgical clinic, a move Everett predicted will close nine more clinics and save 40,000 lives.

“The Church is engaged in Texas,” she said. “God is moving.

“Remember, we win. We’re on God’s side. We’re winning here. We are the only side having babies and raising pro-life babies.”

Everett is forgetting that the pro-abortion side tends to make up for the generational breeding gap by trying to bring in illegal immigrants to vote the way they like, though the idea does have merit.

The revelations about the abortion industry don't really feel like revelations, but it tends to be shocking when the deepest fears turn out to be true. It's strange to realize that mass market murder really is a business, and treated as such. It's the sort of big business that Occupy Wall Street really should have protested, but didn't, because Occupy Wall Street was on its side.

Even if one for abortion, one assumes that we can all agree that abortions are something that shouldn't be common. In the words of Hillary Clinton in the 90s, abortion should be "safe, legal and rare." One hopes we can all agree on the "rare" part? Even Catholics could allow abortions for medical necessity, so they could say "rare, if at all."

But, frankly, if any other business were routinely drumming up business in this manner, there would be at least a few protests, depending on the company. If "Big Anything" played these sorts of games, there'd be a few calls for general lynchings.

Then again, few companies are as cavalier with their customers' lives. Even without the morning after pill side effects, the fact that STDs are not really addressed makes nightmare even worse. The abortion industry seems to focus on "Oh, go on the pill, you'll be fine," if various levels of "fine" include chlamydia (long term risk: sterility), Herpes (chronic and incurable), AIDS (death), and around two dozen other STDs (five dozen, if you count varying strains of microorganisms).

Before writing the article on Moloch in Oregon, this author did a little research. While Moloch the Carthaginian god of money, Moloch was distinct from the Biblical Mammon in that Moloch was far, far bloodier. While Mammon was about worshiping the almighty dollar, Moloch was more Faustian in nature.

It seems there was a merger of the two when no one was looking.

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