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MamaRoo swing a great gift idea for new parents


MamaRoo; Stacey Martin 
If you are looking for the perfect holiday present for a new parent, you may want to consider purchasing an infant swing. When registering for baby gear, many parents forget to include the all important baby swing or infant bouncer. A baby swing and bouncer are ideal for infant and toddlers because it provides elaxing movement, educational learning and a break for mom all in one.  Before you run to the nearest baby retail store and find numerous infant and baby swings on display, read this article to find out why the MamaRoo offers parents the best of both worlds.
This swing and bouncer combination was invented by a group of moms called 4Moms who wanted to create a durable, educational baby gear item that parents felt was a great use for their babies. 4Moms studied how parents move and sway in order to soothe their babies and created the ultimate infant seat that not only bounces up and down but also sways back and forth in order to mimic the natural comforting motions of a parent.
The mamaRoo will be available in stores in January 2010 and comes with five pre-set motion options such as rock-a-bye, kangaroo, tree swing and a variety of other soothing nature sounds. An added benefit to this baby gear item is that you can plug in your MP3 player and have your little one listen to your favorite music.
The mamaRoo was the 2008 winner of the JPMA Innovation Award at the ABC Kid's Expo and comes in an array of washable fabric colors such as pink, silver, green and more. For parent,s conveience the swing has an easy to use and read LCD display. The MamaRoo will retail for around $199 and will be available nationwide in retail stores.
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