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Mama Olivia & Baby Emmett in upstate SC are looking for a forever home

Meet Mama Olivia and Baby Emmett. They are the sweetest little family. A kind person stopped to pick them up from the highway after they were seen running around alone, scared, and in pretty bad shape.

Foster baby Emmett needs a home
Mama Olivia & Baby Emmett

They are now staying in foster with an upstate South Carolina family until they are ready for adoption. Olivia is 1 year old and has heartworms that will be treated soon. Emmett is 8 weeks old and looks like he is going to be a beautiful big boy.

They both have demodex, which is currently being treated! They are both very sweet, calm, good in their crates, and good on a leash. They are good with our other dogs, who range from 6lb to 70lb, and they are good with their foster moms cats.

They have met children at the store, and they were good with them too. Emmett and Olivia are hoping for a rescue to help them find their perfect families. Aside from some unfortunate luck, they are perfect little angels.

Olivia and Emmett had their first demodex treatment August 3, and they were the hit of the day at the vet. Dr. George told Emily she almost didn't let her bring Baby Emmett home because she wanted to keep him. Emily will be posting a fundraiser link for them in a few days when it's ready to receive donations.

This will help with the cost for the demodex, as well as pay for Olivia's heartworm treatment. Please don't let their skin condition sway you from adopting these two precious dogs. Demodex treatment is highly successful, with most dogs growing back their fur after the condition is under control.

If you would like to adopt or rescue these two, please message Emily Hope on Facebook.

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