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Mama Mia, Tony & Tina’s Wedding & now Two Grooms

Mario Dalto, Phillip Pruitt, Kurt Hansen, Evan Strand, BP Major, Kimberly Alexander
Mario Dalto, Phillip Pruitt, Kurt Hansen, Evan Strand, BP Major, Kimberly Alexander
Keiko Moreno

Picture it, a small church in North Hollywood, California. A marquee with the title “Two Grooms” and a greeter that welcomes you by asking “Are you hear from the wedding?” Oh, yes I am. In my head, I’m thinking she’s taking her job way too serious, but how cute! As I sit in the hallway scrolling through the program, I am suddenly distracted by a boisterous echoing voice asking about her nephew Josh. At first I am taken a back by the sheer volume that this one woman can project and the large 7-11 Big Gulp in her hand when I hear her mention she’s from New Jersey, all is forgiven.

It begins to makes sense now, I and the rest of the audience is part of the “wedding”. (So much so that no one, as hard as you try and as much as you forget, breaks character in the slightest.) The church door opens and the “ushers” in all their fabulousness whisk us in, “We’re so happy you made it.” Keep in mind, I HAD NO IDEA what I was walking into, I just know I didn’t bring a plus one and I’m in it for the long haul. And thankfully so, within five minutes I’m already laughing, by the end of the night I am so impressed that I sit and talk to the cast and crew. In fact, it was so much fun that it made realize that despite what New York and London theatre snobs say Los Angeles’ DOES have immensely talented theater community. I can’t set my DVR to see this type of entertainment; it’s not on my Netflix or Amazon, but five minutes away from where I live, where I too am involved. Let’s face it with all the way’s to view movies most of us wait for them to be released on Redbox. Theatre is the new cinemaplex, or at least it should be.

I don’t want to spoil the entirety of the nuptials complete colorful cast of characters that spilled into a lovely dance filled reception afterwards. I will say that I was in stiches watching the families and friends of Jewish young groom and a waspy military family combines forces. Two Grooms is not just a fabulous gay wedding, it’s about family, friends, the differences they share and the love that is felt.

The talent pool is strong, made up a multi-talented young actors and veterans alike with a supporting cast of Henry Alberto playing the uninvited heartbroken former lover of Brent Logan, Kimberly Alexander as Josh Weinberg’s passive and aggressive best woman (who offers to be the oven if they ever want to have a child.) Evan Strand as the endearing Josh Weinberg who will surely surprise you with his classically trained dance moves his sweet natured groom Brent Logan played by Phillip Pruit and rounding out the cast Kevin Held, Evelyn Celic, Rob August, Kurt Hanson, BP Major, Maria Melnijova with Crown City Theatre Companies veteran director, Bill Reilly at the helm. Two Grooms concludes its run July 6th 2014 and I am encouraging everyone to go and see this brilliant cast and hysterical production before it’s closing. Two Groom’s runs every Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm.

Just to throw in a few clues your way; you wont go hungry or thirsty (with a bar at your service) don’t think you’ll be sitting down the whole time because not only do a few of the cast break into song and rap but the DJ plays some awesome 80’s hits.

A Big Gay North Hollywood Wedding (Two Grooms) is playing at
Crown City Theatre (located on the campus of St. Matthew’s Church)
11030 Camarillo Street/ North Hollywood, CA 91602

Tickets are $20 for previews and $30 for general admission.

Like them on Facebook and get your tickets here:

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