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Mama Joyce claims Todd Tucker stalled the pre-nup signing

Mama Joyce just can't stay out of the newly married couple's business.
Mama Joyce just can't stay out of the newly married couple's business.
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for VH1

The ink isn't even dry on their wedding license and Mama Joyce is back to speaking out against Todd Tucker. Although she says the wedding was beautiful, Kandi Burruss' mom still has her eye on her new son-in-law. According to The Urban Daily on April 6, Mama Joyce claims that Todd Tucker didn't want to sign the pre-nup and he waited until the last possible moment to do it.

Thank goodness Mama Joyce was able to hold her tongue through the wedding ceremony and not ruin Kandi's big day. It didn't take her long after that though to start talking trash about Todd again. According to Kandi's mom, Todd missed the rehearsal dinner because he hadn't signed the pre-nup yet. According to the outspoken matriarch, Todd was upset because he didn't want to sign the paper.

Mama Joyce goes on to say that she worries for Kandi's heart. She truly believes that Todd Tucker is using Kandi and that ultimately he will hurt her. Of course everybody including Kandi wishes her overprotective mother would just butt out. If anyone is capable of ruining the relationship between Kandi and Todd, it would be Kandi's mother.

Mama Joyce always claims to want Kandi to be happy. She even says as much in regard to Kandi's new marriage. She says ultimately she wants her daughter to be happy but she believes that Todd is not the answer.