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Mama cat and kittens rescued by Suzy's Zoo Sanctuary for FeLV+ Kitties

Mama cat and kittens rescued by Suzy's Zoo
Facebook: Ash Truesdale

Mama Kitty and her babies have a rescue coming for them over the weekend, and due to circumstances, it would be nice to help out financially. Ash Truesdale of Foster Paws out of Greenville, South Carolina, posted the story on Facebook Friday.

This is a sweet little Mama and babies had very little chance of making it out of Greenville County Animal Care Services alive. She was in the feral room (not sure if she is actually feral) and then earlier Friday she gave birth to four beautiful little kittens.

When Foster Paws found out about this, the rescue made plans to pull her. Unfortunately, plans changed when Mama Kitty had her combo test and came up positive for FeLV.

If left at the shelter, Mama Kitty would have been put down soon. Having four newborns kittens, even without a positive test result often means death at the high-kill shelter.

Ash and her rescue reached out to Suzanne SuzysZoo Melton who has Suzy's Zoo Sanctuary for FeLV Positive Kitties. Suzanne agreed to take this poor sweet little mama and her babies, who spent Friday night in a safe, warm crate in Ash's basement.

Suzy's Zoo specializes in cats and kittens with short expiration dates. A cat may live a matter of months with FeLV, or it may live several years. Suzy cares for these cats, and some even find a forever home with an approved family who understands the health issues these cats eventually succumb to.

Since this Mama Kitty never made it to Facebook, and no pledges have been raised, can we please try to raise some money for Suzy for this little family? Her paypal address is

Suzanne didn't ask for donations to be made, but it's close to a 400 mile round trip, and gas is expensive. If we expect these specialty rescues to go out of their way to help, it's a show of support to help them out financially when we can.

Thank you, Suzy's Zoo, for taking this precious family. You can check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

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