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Maltese missing in snowstorm found with the help of hotdogs

How does one find a pure white Maltese dog in a big snowstorm? Lure the little one with hotdogs!
How does one find a pure white Maltese dog in a big snowstorm? Lure the little one with hotdogs!
Wellesley Police Twitter photo

A tiny, Maltese dog named Poppy was found on Valentine's Day in Wellesley, Mass. despite being lost in a snowstorm since the beginning of the week writes the Swellesley Report.

Wellesley Animal Control Officer Sue Webb responded Monday to the desperate call from the owner of the pure white Maltese pooch, whose dog ran away from her Massachusetts home on Greylock Road after having been frightened.

The panicked owner had already hired a pet recovery person to help, but Officer Webb had another idea she wanted to try first.

As they traced the last place where Poppy's little paw prints had been seen in the snow on Tuesday, Officer Webb's ingenuity and just plain "puppy thinking" resulted in some great news. The recovery story went like this:

“I had the owner call Poppy and the dog stopped but was still ready to run. I had the owner get in front of me so Poppy could see her and she tossed hot dogs. Then I had her crouch down so she’d be less scary looking and the dog came up and crawled into her arms. Shaking, wet, cold, but now safe.”

The good news traveled quickly; the Wellesley Police tweeted:

Wellesley Police ‏@WellesleyPolice Feb 14

MISSING DOG UPDATE: FOUND!!! 'Poppy' the small white Maltese female dog was found by #WPD ACO Sue Webb today with her owner on Carisbrook.


3:19 PM - 14 Feb 2014 · Details

We know Poppy and her owner had a Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for making every dog count ACO Sue Webb.

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