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Malnourished German shepherd tied to door of Illinois shelter

Shepherd abandoned at door of shelter
Via Noah's Ark Sanctuary/Facebook

On July 10, Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford, Ill., posted a photo of a German shepherd who had been tied to the door of their shelter, and since that time, the image has been shared over 10,000 times.

The caption with the sad picture on Facebook stated:

We are sorry we cannot help every animal.
We are sorry we have a waiting list for an animal to aboard the ark.
Our goal, one day is to have a building large enough to help them all...
These photos are important to share. Their stories are even more valuable. We need to make you guys aware that this happens in our community.

This beautiful girl was tied to the door when we got to work today..
We made room. Welcome aboard the ark sweet girl.

On Monday, My Stateline News published an article about the viral photo, and the neglected dog who was left behind by an owner who had not provided her with proper care. The German shepherd, dubbed "Lindy," had sores on her body and she was so thin that her ribs could be seen.

One of the Noah's Ark Kennel Workers, described how they are helping Lindy recuperate:

"we're feeding her four times a day to get her back in shape. She does have a urinary tract infection".

Lindy needs to recover from her prior neglect before she can be adopted to a new family; the shelter expects that she should be ready in about three weeks. Fortunately for this older girl, there has been a great deal of interest from the public and the shelter is hopeful that a wonderful home will be found.

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