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Mall of America to tweet real-time holiday parking updates

Follow the MOA on Twitter for holiday parking updates
Follow the MOA on Twitter for holiday parking updatesDoniree Walker, Screengrab

So much Christmas shopping can be knocked out at the Mall of America, but anyone who has ever waited until the final countdown for hitting the mega mall for holiday shopping will agree:  getting and parking there in December can be a disaster, particularly on the weekends.

The folks at MOA get it and are helping us out this year through use of their Twitter account: @mallofamericaFrom December 19 - January 1, they'll be tweeting real-time updates on the parking situation, hopefully keeping shoppers prepared and informed enough to avoid traffic jams and crabby drivers.

What a great use of their Twitter account during the holidays, to interact with their consumers, and to provide a valuable service to shoppers.  Grab a friend or family member, follow @mallofamerica on Twitter, or search for the hashtag #moaparking and finish your Christmas shopping this weekend!

Are there any other businesses using Twitter and social media to influence their brand, product, or service during the holidays?


  • Lori (Minneapolis City Guide Examiner) 4 years ago

    Awesome! I'll be sure to add them to my Twitter list next time I'm over at MOA.