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Malia Obama’s photos taken by paparazzi: White House responds

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Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Malia Obama is rumored to be in Los Angeles for an internship on the set of a television show. TMZ reports on Wednesday that the 16-year-old went to a popular restaurant and was photographed by the paparazzi. The photographer tried to sell the pictures to an agency but was allegedly stopped by a request from the White House to respect an earlier promise not to sell photos of the Obama daughters without their parents.

Malia was at Gjelina, a restaurant that has been visited by celebrities ranging from Julia Roberts to Natalie Portman, with a group of people. The paparazzi often target this location in Venice with high hopes of capturing an image they can use or sell. One of the photographers took Malia’s pictures and tried to sell them to an agency.

TMZ shares that the agency was asked to remove the photos and delete the files. The White House has its own preapproved set of images online that feature the Obama family and a photo of the day segment. Although these pictures sometimes include the Obama daughters, there are no shots taken by the paparazzi outside of a Venice restaurant. The images are carefully selected and approved before being published online.

Malia is allegedly working at CBS, and the 16-year-old may be spending more time in Los Angeles in the coming weeks. However, the paparazzi photos have raised questions about privacy and family requests. The Obamas have previously asked the media not to photograph their daughters without them. This was not the first case that this promise has been mentioned by the White House, and a report from 2012 points out the media was asked not to share photos from spring break. They are not the first family to ask others not to publish pictures of their children as they grow up.

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