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'Maleficent' trailer released; missing cameraman surfaces

'Maleficent' trailer released for Disney summer blockbuster.

Disney officially released the "Dream" trailer for their film "Maleficent" on Monday and it is everything that fans hoped it would be with Angelina Jolie in the starring role. Edited to Lana del Rey's haunting song "Once Upon a Dream", the visuals are seductive with tantalizingly Gothic elements; it's a slow, sensual lure into a long wait for the release date of May 30.

The "Dream" trailer can be viewed at this link.


On Monday morning the Dallas-based film community immediately went into overdrive as discussion lists, Twitter and Facebook updates calling for help in immediately tracking down a cameraman that allegedly went missing after a client shoot a few days ago.

Of particular concern was that the client was unknown and the cameraman had his vehicle filled with his expensive gear. Industry professionals immediately jumped to the worst-scenario conclusions with just cause.

There were no updates in this column on the situation per the request of the cameraman's parents; he was not necessarily missing and all appears to have ended well. However, it does bring to light an issue that many of us haven't given a second thought to and that is our security when going out a on a small-budget shoot with an unknown client.

Not everyone in the industry has the luxury of working exclusively with ad agencies and high profile clients and, far too often, shooters are dealing with small clients with even smaller budgets. When one considers the sheer value of the gear that goes out on these shoots, it warrants consideration of the most professional way of ensuring one's safety.

"Naturally, any equipment that is stolen through violence or threat of violence is covered with all basic insurance policies," says insurance expert Jeff Evans of HUB International. "While I haven't heard of anyone having their equipment stolen in this fashion, I understand the need to cover the bases to ensure you don't become a statistic."

Perhaps this false alarm over the missing cameraman is a reason to think of an action plan to ensure your own safety. Designating a person that will have all of the necessary information on your shoot might be a good solution. Include all addresses for shoot locations, contact person, contact phone numbers and emails, and anything else deemed valuable to know.


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