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Male strippers tackle robber: Las Vegas male strippers tackle armed robber

Members of the “Thunder From Down Under" dance group took down a Las Vegas robber.

Male strippers tackle a robber in Las Vegas, adding a new dimension to their stage troupe’s name the “Thunder From Down Under.” What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there; this story of the muscled men taking down a would-be robber has perked up online interest – especially among the ladies.

According to People on March 21, 24-year-old Joey Kadmiri is “accused of firing a gun near the head of a performer… during a backstage robbery attempt.”

On Tuesday, police said Kadmiri entered the strippers’ backstage dressing room at the Excalibur hotel about 9 p.m., attempting to make off with several items – cash and jewelry – while the men performed on stage.

The strippers later saw the man and recognized that he had some of their property, and a fight broke out. Kadmiri pulled a gun and fired, but did not hit anyone, and the dancers were able to subdue him as he fled. Witnesses said Kadmiri was left bruised and with a black eye.

Kadmiri faces charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and burglary with a deadly weapon.