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Male misconceptions...Theories that damage our dating game

Being a single male gives you the ability to go on dates with many different women to determine what you want in your next girlfriend. Unfortunately, no matter how suave or relaxed you are, some women have pre-programmed assumptions about men that hinder our chances of dating an otherwise great girl.


Misconception I: All men only see me for sex …
Some women dismiss any guy who approaches them because they automatically assume “he’s only trying to get into my pants”. Some guys sustain their sexual life with by the “friends with benefits” moniker, but ironically this lifestyle is detrimental to the dateability of the men who view women for their intellect individuality. Promiscuity is more common than it was a generation ago, and unfortunately this upward trend puts many women on the defensive when any guy begins talking to them.


Misconception II: All men cheat…
Many women believe our insatiable appetite for sex prewires the male species toward infidelity, which ties this theory in with Misconception I. The plain truth is that both men and women cheat, for a number of different reasons. These motivators include a loss of intimacy in the relationship, the thrill of forbidden fruit, or the novelty of trying out something or someone new. Commonly this conception is held by those ladies who have fallen victim to multiple cheaters, which should be interpreted as a sign that they’re attracting the wrong men.

Misconception III: All men go for a certain “look”

Film, television, and our adult entertainment industry have contributed greatly to this theory. Sure the “popular” view of an attractive woman portrays them as an hourglass figure with long blonde hair, but what’s popular isn’t always true or right. Here’s why. Even though there’s a popular definition to attractiveness, but that doesn’t mean that every single guy out there thinks the same girl is the most attractive girl he’s ever seen. We all have different tastes and different definitions of attractiveness.


In the wake of some women stereotyping us into certain categories, it presents single males with a challenge and a choice. Should we choose to challenge their beliefs in an attempt in changing them, or move on with the risk of missing out on meeting a great girlfriend? That dating decision can only be left up to you.



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