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Male, female, or custom: Facebook announces new gender identification options

Facebook has new options available for your gender on your profile.
Facebook has new options available for your gender on your profile.

The world is trying to become as level and equal to everyone as humanly possible, and social media giant Facebook is trying to stay with it or one step ahead. On Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, Facebook announced that they would be expanding their options to identify gender on their site by giving users the choices of male, female, or custom, according to ABC News.

Facebook has been working on adding new twists and options to their website for the past decade, and this one will likely draw mixed emotions and reactions.

The major expansion of terms to identify gender was announced by Facebook on Thursday afternoon.

These changes come with those that have been introduced to Facebook over the past few years including how someone label's their relationship status. Facebook has made sure to have options available for gay, straight, single, widowed, and just about any other possibility out there.

As the transgender arguments and conversations begin moving across major sports, politics, and other venues; Facebook obviously felt as if getting the jump on everyone else was the best method.

The customizable option will actually have about 50 different terms that people can use to identify their gender as well as three preferred pronoun choices of him, her, or them.

Facebook has stated the changes coming out on Thursday for the company's 159 million U.S. users are just to give everyone more choices and options. That includes keeping your gender private.

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