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Male canine saviors

Males of all species  are caretakers at heart.
Males of all species are caretakers at heart.
WLS Chicago

Many stories pop up in the news about female dogs taking on other litters to save them or even nursing animals of other species, acting as if they were their own litter, but there are other stories that can be shared about male canines also being saviors.

This story, about to be revealed again – just in time for Father’s Day – was reported about a month ago by WLS out of Chicago. The story was about Carson Urness, a toddler from North Dakota that was outside playing at the family’s farm and got lost in the cold.

The story unfolded to reveal that after Carson’s parents searched for the boy after he did not come in after being called to dinner. Their search came up empty. They immediately contacted rescue authorities and were descended upon by more than 200 volunteers and a search-and-rescue dog to help find the young child.

It was not until the search-and-rescue dog arrived that Courtney and Brock Urness realized that in addition to Carson being missing, so was their dog Cooper. Cooper and Carson were buddies and Cooper tended to the child like a father figure, so the parents hoped and prayed that the two would be found together.

Sure enough, when the boy was discovered, so was Cooper. (See the YouTube video by clicking on the hyperlink within.) The boy had wandered about a mile away from his home and the dog went with to keep him safe from harm – like any good father figure would.

When it was evident that they were going to be in the cold, the dog nestled down on top of Carson and kept him warm until they were discovered in the early morning hours the next day. Carson was okay because his dog had been with him and protected him.

Cooper, a rescue, proved to have what it takes to be a family man. Like any good father, he did not abandon the child in his care and was willing to go the distance to keep him safe and sound.

Males are ordinarily natural protectors. They go the distance to ensure that those under their care are loved and protected. This story, once again, proves that this is true no matter the species of animal – even though in the animal kingdom we naturally hear that it is the females that do all the work. When it comes right down to it, fathers make the difference.

In one week, we will honor the fathers in our lives. Whether the men are our biological dads, adopted dads, step dads or borrowed dads, we will want to wish them a ‘Happy Father’s Day.’

While you are out shopping for the perfect card or gift, try to remember a time that your dad ‘saved you’ like Cooper saved Carson in this touching story of love and protection.

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