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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ended in the Indian Ocean

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went down in the southern portion of the Indian Ocean according to Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Rajak. The Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed off of Perth, Australia and the Malaysian government regretfully announced that there is no chance of there being any survivors from the downed plane, according to Chicago's WGNRadio on Monday morning.

Malaysia Prime Minister announced that data indicates the Malaysia Airlines crashed in the Indian Ociean

Malaysia Airlines informs relatives of missing flight passengers of "no hope for survival" via text message

IL-76 spots debris, claimed to be from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370, but US will not confirm

The announcement was made live at 9 a.m. CT via a live news broadcast, and the announcement promised a follow-up news conference to follow on Tuesday.

The prime minister said that Monday’s announcement was to keep persons informed of what is now known via data from the investigation. Family members of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's passengers were informed privately before the announcement was made publicly. They are being flown from Beijing to Australia.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on Saturday, March 8th, after it departed from Malaysia for China. The passenger plane was lost mysteriously sometime after take-off and its disappearance has been vigilantly investigated since then. The latest report from the Malaysian government concludes the mystery of the plane’s travels.

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