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Malaysian plane's course changed by computer

Computer diverts Malaysian plane.....first cyber hijacking in history?
Computer diverts Malaysian plane.....first cyber hijacking in history?
New York Times

The re-programming of a computer aboard the missing Malaysian Airlines plane changed the course of the aircraft, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Flight 370's path was supposed to be from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China.

Instead, someone with knowledge of the Internet altered the direction of the missing plane by typing in an estimated seven or eight strokes into a computer. American officials said they thought the computer was located on a knee-high pedestal between the captain and the first officer in the cockpit.

Investigators now believe foul play was involved. Increased attention has been directed toward the plane's first officer and captain as a result of the new conclusions.

One source not mentioned in the New York Times article said cell phones of passengers on board have been called. And that the cell phones worked although none of them were answered. He said he thought that if the plane crashed into the ocean then the water would cause the cell phones to not function and they would go to voice mail.

Does that mean the cell phones of the passengers are in a box somewhere? And are the passengers still alive but in a location where they cannot answer their phones?

Wichita Falls, Texas resident Cayce Wendeborn said she understood many of the passengers on board the plane were technologically advanced and may be the victim of a kidnapping plot by someone who could benefit from their knowledge. She also said it was her understanding several of the technological experts on the plane worked for a high tech firm in Houston.

Another theory advanced in recent days is that the Boeing 777 could serve as a delivery system for nuclear weapons. Are terrorists planning another 911 attack on America or some other country?

Supposedly, some of the passengers were bound for a technological conference in Beijing prior to the aircraft being diverted west over Malaysia and then above the Indian Ocean, according to Ms. Wendeborn. All sorts of excuses have been given as to why the Malaysians took no action when the plane diverted from its expected route to China.

Other reports on cable news have mentioned that this particular model airline is susceptible to cyber attacks. The possible vulnerability to cyber attacks was mentioned recently on Fox News. The alleged vulnerability reportedly resulted from the structure of the computer design on this particular plane.

There was disagreement between experts on Fox News as to whether or not a cyber attack could have been launched from the passenger area of the aircraft.

This may be the first cyber-based plane hijacking in history.

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