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Malaysian plane crashes in Ukraine: Intact bodies strewn over 10-mile radius

Downed Malaysian flight 217 with 295 souls on board has strewn its debris field over a 10-mile area. Reports from that scene have been gruesome, but heartbreaking at the same time with dead bodies described in various positions and in various conditions almost everywhere you look, according to Fox News live on July 17.

Malaysian jet downed, debris field spread over 10 miles with bodie everywhere.
CBS News Screen grab

Update: Fox News live reports that a missile did shoot the Malaysian plane out of the sky, this has been confirmed by senior Pentagon sources. They are still working on determining who shot the missile that took down the plane. Vice President Biden is sending a team to the Ukraine to help with the investigation of the downing of the plane. The 295 people on board were killed when a surface to air missile shot down the plane, this is no longer speculation, this is confirmed by the U.S. Pentagon.

Yahoo News reports that the Malaysian Boeing 777 has reportedly been shot down on the Russia-Ukraine border today. Reports suggest this was done with Russia at the trigger. "This act is a game changer" suggests the anchors at Fox News today. For a passenger jet to be shot out of the sky killing everyone on board, this is an event that the U.S. must address, suggests the anchors.

Fox News live reports from the scene that bodies are strewn all over the debris field that goes on for miles. Many of the bodies and items are intact, indicating that there was no fire before impact. An ground to air missile would have damaged the plane and brought it down, but it wouldn't have blown it to tiny pieces, so the debris field is indicative of one of the missiles that were reportedly used to down this flight.

The reporter from Fox describes a teen in red sneakers and blue shorts, who lay dead on the ground, still clutching his iPhone. This is just one of the many descriptions coming from the Fox reporters on scene. An elderly woman with nothing left to her clothes but a black bra was tossed on top of debris with her gray hair blowing in the wind, is how the resting place of this victim is described.

The heartbreaking scene of a boy about 10-years-old on the ground among the rubble wearing a T-Shirt that says "Don't Panic," which is yet another passenger that became a victim of something much larger than him. Numerous bodies still belted into their seats with broken limbs and various articles of clothing missing can be seen in every direction you look.

While the flight manifest indicates that 23 American's were on board, this is still not officially confirmed. The Boeing 777 came down in a wheat field near the border of Russia and the Ukraine. It is believed that this plane was shot down by a ground to air missile with the Russians at the trigger. This has not been confirmed.

According to the L.A Times, this is the third plane to be reported as shot-down this week on the Russian-Ukraine border. Monday a military transport plane was shot down on the Russian border and on Wednesday a Ukrainian Su-25 jet plane was shot down, again on the border.

On "Fox and Friends" live Thursday morning a commercial pilot wanted to know who charted this flight path for this Malaysian passenger jet. He said that basically no one in their right mind would have a passenger jet fly over this area that has already been the scene of many downed planes in past months.

He also wondered why the pilot of the Malaysian jet would have agreed to follow that flight path as that area is extremely dangerous today. As a pilot he was very baffled as to why this was the charted flight plan for the passenger jet, as it just didn't seem to make any sense at all to him.

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