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Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: The saga continues

Still the search continues, and people are frustrated about the disappearance of this aircraft just dissipate to thin air. There were 24 nations are helping for search effort, while people involved in search operations, for nine consecutive days.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: The saga continues-slide0
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
How long is the waiting game?
Photo by How Foo Yeen/Getty Images

Malaysian authorities are trying to find answers by searching the homes of both pilots if there is any evidence that they could find to resolve issue of the lost airplane. The police are working to find something. However, nothing conclusive yet.

The question lies that Boeing 777-200ER might have flown for more than seven hours after its transponder stopped sending signals March 8, officials said. The search covers eleven countries, stretching as far as north to Kazakhstan, a large archipelago nation in Central Asia.

This must be a very excruciating experience to the families whose love ones and friends on board of this flight 370.

The media are giving conflicting analysis what transpired to the disappearance of this airlines? It is hard to wait when no one knows what really happened?

Let’s hope next time we may get a positive feedback to the whereabouts of this aircraft in order to have closure and peace of mind.

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