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Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17
Malaysian Airlines Flight 17
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

They left Amsterdam around 6:30 am. They were men, women and children from some eleven different countries. They were vacationers and businessmen and women. They were medical specialist who had been involved in AIDS research for some 20-30 years. It is possible this accident may have put AIDS research back some fifteen years because of the loss of these specialists. They were not involved in this petty Ukrainian dispute but they became victims of it. Their bodies are still scattered in the fields of Eastern Ukraine. The rebel separatists involved in shooting down the plane actually thought they were shooting down a Ukrainian transport. These separatists used a BUK rocket launcher that they had acquired from the Russian Federation. The launcher now back in the hands of the Russians.

The rebels have looted the bodies and the crash for anything of value. There were no guns or anything of military value. Pictures of rebels holding up toys have been posted all over the world. Everybody is denying responsibility but who has a history of shooting down passenger planes, the Russians.

In September of 1983 KAL 007 a Korean passenger plane was deliberately shot down by the Russians. They were able to get to the black boxes and thought they had put an end to it. Fortunately, in the United Nations chambers, the United Stares was able to bring in the tapes that revealed the orders to shoot the plane down. The Russians were once again proved to be liars.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied any responsibility in the downing of Malaysian Flight 17 but once again the world does not believe him. The rocket launcher is Russian made. The people responsible for training the rebels were Russian soldiers. The people who fired the missile were pro Russian Separatists who have been backed by the Russians. You might as well say it was the Russians who just killed 295 innocent men, women, and children. The Russians are guilty of crimes against humanity. These people were non-combatants.

This conflict, I have said all along, is going to get out of hand and it just crossed the line. No one gives a dam about rebuilding the old Soviet Union except Putin. The person in charge is always held accountable and Putin is in charge. He just killed 295 innocent people. To hell with sanctions, if it is war Putin wants then by all means lets go. Putin, from the time he was a child, has always been a bully. Now it is time to stand up to the bully. The funny thing is, usually you find out that the bully is usually a coward.