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Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 shot down – who's to blame?

So much death, destruction and mayhem have occurred recently that this writer was asked to come out of sabbatical and give a report from a Christian perspective about what’s happening to this world.

Charred plane and remains.  Another Malaysian Airliner goes down in Ukraine
Charred plane and remains. Another Malaysian Airliner goes down in Ukraine
/ Dominique Faget
Malaysian Airline (Boeing 777, Flight #17) has crashed in war-threatened Ukraine
/ Dominique Faget

Today another Malaysian Airline (Boeing 777, Flight #17) has crashed in war-threatened Ukraine that has rendered 298 persons (283 passengers and 15 crew members) dead. You may recall that this is the second Malaysian plane that has been lost and never recovered since March of this year.

CBS News reports “A spokesperson at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam said that the passengers included 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 23 Malaysians, 11 Indonesians, six Britons, four Germans, four Belgians, three Filipinos and one Canadian - but not all of the passengers' nationalities had been identified yet. Fifteen Malaysian crew members were on board.” While CBS-DC credits the toll to be 295 dead that total was raised to include three infants. The Washington Post has a different tally.

Was it a bomb from a terrorist? Speculations say that terrorist attacks usually happen close to takeoff or landing. It could not have been an error from the cockpit because of the way the plane exploded and left debris for miles instead of crashing to the ground. What other conjecture could have happened?

Ukraine is blaming ‘Pro Russian Separatists’ for the plane being ‘shot down’. Since this is not a terrorist act, we should probably believe that no one will admit to shooting down a commercial aircraft. Even if they didn’t intend to disable the Malaysia Airlines; even if it was a mistake - the fact still remains that Russia or the Ukraine is not going to say, “We made a mistake and someone launched a missile by mistake”. It’s not going to happen!

Bishop George Davis, of Impact Church in Jacksonville Florida, has recently begun a study on “End-Time Facts” that are listed in II Timothy 3:1-13 of the Bible. The world is in the ‘Last Days’ and things will be getting worst as time goes on. We must continue to watch & pray, spread the gospel and encourage others to see that there is hope for those who know and follow Jesus Christ.

Am I saying that there were no Christians on Flt. 17? No, little children are innocent, yet the devil is ruler of the earth and he is roaming around and destroying it and its inhabitants.

Don’t forget to take a look at this video for another insightful view of what could have been the result of the plane going down in Ukraine. Could it have been an “U.F.O”. (Unidentified Flying Object) that took the plane down, as Charles Walton thinks? Or is it another sign of what satan is doing in “The End Times”? Don’t forget the giant sink-hole that appeared a couple of days ago in Siberia, Russia. People are calling it “The End of the World Crater.

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