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Malaysian Airline Shot Down Over Ukraine

Malaysian Airline Shot Down Over Ukraine
Malaysian Airline Shot Down Over Ukraine
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It has finally happened the stupidity that has been going on for some nine months has now claimed some 295 lives. An airliner flying close to Donetsk at an altitude of approximately 32,000 feet has been shot down by a BUK missile system. The surface to air missile has a capability of shooting down an object from up to 65,000 feet away. The governments of the Ukraine and Russia are claiming that each other is at fault. The rebel separatists who have been at war with the Ukrainian government have not had this type of weapon.

The Boeing 777 had left Amsterdam and was flying to Kuala Lampur when it was shot down. The plane crashed and is now in flames. There are no survivors.

The United States is using satellite information to determine whether an actual rocket was fired or if it was a bomb on board. The problem here is that both sides the Ukraine and Russia have access to the BUK rocket systems. Satellite information will at least be able to let us know whether this was a rocket or a terrorist act.

Russian President Putin and President Obama have been in touch with each other. Ukrainian President Poroshenko has stated that his country has not taken any offensive actions today. He has also called for a full investigation of the incident.

Why was this plane even in the area of Donetsk which has been a hot bed of military action on both the Ukrainian government and the rebel separatists. Now the Malaysian government has stated that there might have been an incident on board but this has not been confirmed.

What is going on at this moment is that there are 295 people who are confirmed dead. The Countries of the Ukraine, Russia and Malaysia are trying to piece together just what exactly took place. Definitely there will be more to come.