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777 crash: Live updates, MH370 passenger list of Malaysia Airlines missing plane

777 crash update: In a Malaysia Airlines missing plane update, Malaysia Airlines has posted the MH370 Passenger Manifest on its website, including the names, ages, nationality of the 227 passengers and 12 crew members, and is continuing to provide new information on the missing plane. According to its March 9, 2014, update, Malaysia Airlines reports the following:

Malaysian airline missing plane: MH370 passenger manifest list, live updates

“More than 24 hours after the lost [loss] of contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the search and rescue teams are still unable to detect the whereabouts of the missing aircraft.”

In the latest update “Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident - 7th Media Statement,” the airline also provides the following information:

  • The airline is doing its utmost to provide support to the affected family members, this includes immediate financial aid.
  • The airline has deployed a team of 94 caregivers consisting of well-trained staff and also Tzu Chi Foundation members to provide emotional support to the families. The airline will also be deploying another set of caregivers to Beijing later today.
  • Last night, a Malaysia Airlines’ Senior Management team arrived at Beijing to address the media and met with family members. Families of affected passengers in Kuala Lumpur were also met by the team.
  • Malaysia Airlines will set up a command center at Kota Bharu, Malaysia or Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam as soon as the location of the aircraft is established and the airline will make the necessary arrangements.
  • The airline is continuously working with the authorities in providing assistance. In fearing for the worst, a disaster recovery management specialist from Atlanta, USA will be assisting Malaysia Airlines in this crucial time.

The Boeing 777, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, is assumed to have crashed off the Vietnamese coast on Saturday after losing contact with air traffic controllers off the eastern Malaysia coast.

In its sixth update, Malaysia Airlines reports about the missing plane that at this stage, international search and rescue teams have yet to find the missing Boeing 777-200 aircraft and any evidence of any wreckage. “We are dispatching all information as and when we receive it.”

Once any wreckage has been located, the airline intends to fly family members to the site at the airline’s expense. Besides the Passenger Manifest, Malaysia Airlines provides important contact numbers on its MH370 Flight Incident website.

In addition to the Malaysia Airlines updates on the missing plane, the AFP (Agence France-Presse, which is a French news agency, the oldest in the world), is posting continuous updates on its AFP website.

In regard to the 777 crash, AFP reports on March 9 that the stolen passports used by two passengers on the plane are believed to have come originally from an Italian and an Austrian citizen. The stolen passports have sparked an investigation into a possible terror plot but could also be just a case of two people having bought passports on the black market. However, Malaysian officials are checking into “four names” on the passenger list in connection with a possible terror plot. Despite all media reports of what “might” have happened to the missing Malaysian airline plane, one official commented that “so far, what happened is a mystery."

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