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Malaysian airline missing: Is plane intact underwater?

Missing Malaysia flight 370: No debris field found, four passengers traveling under fake names and authorities still do not know where this flight is today.
Missing Malaysia flight 370: No debris field found, four passengers traveling under fake names and authorities still do not know where this flight is today.

Malaysia Airline flight disappearance is a story taking on deep mystery and intrigue today as the lack of a debris field has even the experts puzzled. Did Malaysia Flight MH370 enter the water intact? This would explain the lack of finding any debris. Is the debris field out there, but not yet discovered after two days of a huge search mission covering thousands of miles? What really did happened to flight 370 over the ocean waters where it dropped off the radar?

According to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday morning March 9, all that has been found so far are two oil slicks, which could be indicative of a downed flight, but not always. Oil slicks are not unusual in that part of the ocean, so it doesn't mean that the oil slicks are from the missing plain. If the oil slicks were from the missing plane, they would expect to find parts of the plane and its contents floating in the area, but not so much as a floating speck of debris was discovered. The lack of any debris is odd, if that plane blew up, the debris would be somewhere.

CNN’s aviation expert Richard Quest explains why the timing of Malaysia Flight MH370 disappearance raises red flags. He said that the plane was at its cruise stage, considered the safest part of the journey for an aircraft. Quest said:

"So in that particular point of the flight, this is the safest part, nothing is supposed to go wrong. The aircraft is at altitude on auto-pilot, the pilots are making minor corrections and changes for height as the plane burns off fuel -- the plane will be going higher and higher -- so this is extremely serious that something happened at this point in the flight."

Quest also said that they don’t know if Malaysia Flight 370 broke up or entered the water in one piece. He is the second expert this morning who has suggested the plane could have stayed intact and gone down in one piece. “Fox and Friend’s Weekend interviewed a specialist who had some very realistic concerns, including the plane entering the water in one piece.

Authorities are now saying that four people aboard that missing flight were questionable, two of whom were traveling with stolen passports. The reports of “four mystery people” on board the missing Malaysia flight are confirmed and they are being called “people of suspect” by authorities today. Investigators are going over the closed circuit cameras from the airport to get an identity on these passengers.

“Fox and Friends Weekend” interviewed Jim Kallstrom, who was the chief FBI agent investigator for TWA Flight 800, which exploded and crashed over the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York in 1996. The debris field for this crash spanned miles said Kallstrom, which should be the case in this crash, but so far there’s been nothing found.

The search for this flight is massive and something should have been spotted by now as the search is well into its second day. While the oil slicks were spotted near the area the plane was believed to have gone down, it is not unusual to see random oil slicks in the Atlantic Ocean, reports Fox. Reports that the plane turned around and dropped 600 feet just seconds before it vanished off radar is also extremely strange. Kallstrom said if this was a move done by the pilots, they would have radioed their intent.

This would not happen without the pilots transmitting their intentions, which is another reason that Kallstrom said the pilots would be someone that he would look at in this case. The fact that the pilots didn’t radio could mean they were not in charge of the plane at the time or they were taking part in whatever was going on at the time. Kallstrom said that he would also look at the pilots in this case.

While there are reports of four people traveling under fake names, this is not unusual for that part of the world. He did say that it is important to the investigation because there are four people using fake names on one flight and something to be investigated. One of the last reports that he saw on stolen passports was that there were some 70,000 passports stolen and possibly being in use by others.

Lack of debris field could this mean plane was intact?:
Another interesting theory that Kallstrom brought up, again has to do with the lack of a debris field. He said that with Flight 800 a bomb went off and opened the plane up spreading a debris field for miles and miles, leaving finding the area from the air fairly easy.

This is not the case with Malaysia Flight 370, you would expect if there was a debris field it would have been spotted by now after a weekend of searching by boats, planes and helicopters with many nations involved and thousands of miles covered.

Kallstrom said this could mean that the plane didn’t break up. Could Malaysia Flight 370 have gone into the water intact and what would this mean for the 239 people on board?

The bizarre circumstances around this flight have people looking at so many possible scenarios in the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 today. Could this have been terrorism or a possible hijacking gone wrong? Was this just an accident? It seems that the lack of a debris field is one of the most perplexing factors of the disappearance of this flight along with the pilot's lack of communication when making the turn, which is now confirmed.

Through all of this, the family members of the missing passengers are told not too hold up too much hope as day two is well underway of a search that has come up empty so far.

The three Americans aboard this plane were identified Saturday, according to USA Today. One was an IBM employee from Texas, Phillip Woods. The two other Americans were mere babies. They are siblings Nicole Meng, 4, and Yan Zhang, 2. There is no word as to where these children are from in the U.S. and who they were traveling with.

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