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Malaysia plane malfunctions: Malaysia Airlines plane experiences gear problems

A Malaysia Airlines plane
A Malaysia Airlines plane
Wikimedia Commons

A Malaysia plane malfunctions causing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur according to NewsOxy. Several weeks after a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing, another aircraft in their fleet experienced something unusual. Flight 192 was on its way to India when there was a problem with its gears. There were 166 people on board (passengers and crew) -- all of whom are safe.

According to the airline, one of the plane's tires "burst" during take off. There was debris from the blown tire found on the runway and air traffic controllers alerted the plane's pilot. Fire rescue personnel were deployed and waiting at the airport for the plane's return but the aircraft landed without incident.

The Malaysia plane's malfunctions certainly have people on high alert -- as if the missing plane ordeal wasn't enough. While everything seemed to pass protocol in this instance, people can't help but wonder what's up with Malaysia Airlines' bout of bad luck lately. Naturally a blown tire doesn't really compare to a missing airplane -- but these incidents happened fairly close together -- and that's alarming.

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has still not been located. Officials in Malaysia do believe that the plane landed (or crashed) in the Indian Ocean but no wreckage has been found. Search efforts have been steady for the past several weeks but nothing significant has turned up.

When a Malaysia plane malfunctions, many can't help but think about the missing aircraft and wonder if some kind of malfunction happened on flight 370 also.