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Malaysia Flight 370: What Astrology Shows Pt II

Malaysia Flight 370 Take-off chart
Malaysia Flight 370 Take-off chart
Liz Houle

Sagittarius Rising – an incident involving international travel and a plane full of different nationalities. According to Lilly, Sagittarius signifies the crew members of the plane. First house ruled by an exalted Jupiter (showing a well-built plane in excellent condition) in the 8th house of death. The 8th house is the most powerful house with the strongest planet (exalted Jupiter) indicating a peaceful or easy death. Perhaps everyone passed out before the plane crashed, landed or possibly exploded.

Jupiter exalted also shows the many different countries working together to try and find this plane.

The Moon separates from Venus and applies to the Sun (using traditional planets only). Venus rules the 6th house of crew members of people working on the plane while the Sun signifies the pilot.

Venus (crew) in Aquarius sign of detriment of the Sun and the Sun in Pisces (exaltation of Venus r-6) the crew. This may indicate that members of the crew did something accidentally or on purpose to the plane and this hurt the pilot’s performance which caused the plane to crash or be taken over by terrorists.

The second most powerfully place planet is Saturn in the house of its joy – the 12th house of suffering. This represents the anguish of the passengers’ family, friends, officials, anyone and everyone who has been affected by the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Plane MH370. There has been and continues to be much suffering by many for various reasons due to this plane’s disappearance.

Saturn rules the 2nd house which includes what the plane was carrying aboard. So something that the plane was transporting in cargo could be at least partially blamed for this incident. Saturn also rules the third house of communications, communication between the plane and radar or satellites was abruptly cut off. This has led to so much confusion in trying to track this plane.

Mercury rules the 7th house of ‘adventures along the way’ and also the 10th house of final destination. Mercury is in Aquarius, dignity of Saturn or put another way, the final destination goes to its dispositor Saturn in the 12th, suffering, self-undoing, sabotage and/or secret enemies. The plane itself could have been ‘un-done’ for some reasons. One theory is that cargo aboard the plane could have started a fire.

Saturn in Scorpio is in the sign traditionally ruled by Mars in Libra (Saturn’s exaltation) showing a bond between this suffering and the two malefics. Mars can mean fire, explosions, guns, mechanical malfunction and/or young men. Mars in detriment is the most elevated planet in the chart.

Mars is conjunct the North Node which traditionally indicates some ‘mischief’ as Lilly would say or possibly something going wrong with the speed, fire, violence, and/or mechanical failure of the plane or something aboard. Since there is a relationship between Mars and Saturn ruling the 2nd, one possible scenario is that something that the plane was carrying (Saturn) caused a fire (Mars.)

The Moon in Gemini is scattered. Gemini represents the back of the plane or the tail, so the problems may have begun there. (Moon ruling 8th opposing Ascendant and disposing Jupiter ruler of Ascendant = plane. Lilly considered all oppositions to the Ascendant as dangerous. Moon in Gemini (12th sign from the sign it rules) could indicate problems with instruments, information gathering, communications, winds or something else related to Gemini. The Moon has just crossed from the visible side of the chart to the nocturnal, hidden side – the plane was on the radar but then disappeared completely less than an hour after take-off.

Something could have happened right at take-off which went unnoticed, Moon separating from Neptune on the 4th house cusp. The event was triggered soon after when the Moon then opposed the Ascendant, many things going on at once, Moon in Gemini. Lots of different ideas and events occurring that disrupted communications and electronics aboard. The Moon then applies to sextile Uranus, a shocking and unexpected event disrupting the flight in a fatal way (Moon r-8). The Moon next applies to the Sun, pilots. The pilots reacted to the events forced upon them. Sun conjunct Neptune could indicate the pilots falling unconscious or at least being very confused by events or lack of oxygen which could have rendered them powerless. (Sun in Pisces.)

Sun in Pisces ‘loves’ Jupiter, the plane and all aboard. The pilot would have done his best to save land safely if it were within his power. Unfortunately, Neptune overwhelms the Sun, leaving the pilots confused, disoriented and even unconscious.

The Moon sits right on the 7th house cusp of open enemies. Along with the mundane interpretation of Jupiter opposing Pluto, terrorism could have been the cause of this catastrophe.

The Moon in Gemini could indicate two terrorists at least and possibly a female terrorist. Moon in Gemini sign of detriment of Jupiter (the plane.) After the plane took off, the terrorists (peregrine planet in the 7th – Moon) hijacked the communications system and dismantled the ELTs:

"In addition to this newly revealed development, investigators have determined that the missing jet was equipped with four emergency locator transmitters, or ELTs, which are designed to transmit a plane's location to an emergency satellite when triggered by a crash or by contact with water, the source added.

The ELTs were at the plane's front door, its rear door, in the fuselage and in the cockpit, said the source, who was puzzled over why they appear either not to have activated or, if they did activate, why they were not picked up by the satellite.

Relatives of the 239 passengers and crew have raised questions about the ELTs with Malaysian authorities, suggesting there were at least three aboard the plane, including two portable units and one fixed device."

Moon applying sextile Uranus, r-3rd house, causing disruptions with transmitters and possibly other mechanisms on the plane.) The would then have next confronted/attacked the pilots – Moon next applying to square Sun. Moon ruling the 8th house, this was a suicide mission.

Venus recently changes signs from Capricorn to Aquarius and Venus rules the 6th and 11th houses. This shows a change before the flight took off, maybe a week or even month before. The crew members could have changed their schedules or something else regarding the flight changed and this may be significant to discovering what happened.

The Sun is in the 4th house of grave and in a water sign, Pisces, signifying the ocean. The last aspect the Sun in Pisces made to a traditional planet was a trine to Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th house of death. The next aspect the Sun makes is a trine to Saturn in water sign Scorpio in the 12th house of suffering. Again, Saturn in his joy there. Neptune sits exactly on the nadir opposing the MC, final destination. This all represents the watery grave of flight MH370.

Jupiter will trine Saturn one last time on May 24th 2014. Possibly by this time the plane (or parts of it) will finally be located. Other dates to look for are when Mars and Saturn go direct. Mars and Saturn went retrograde together within a day on March 1-2 2014, the same weekend as a New Moon at 10 Pisces.

Mars will go direct on May 19th at 9 degrees of Libra. Then Saturn will go direct on July 20th 2014 at 17 degrees of Scorpio. There may be new information revealed at these times. The Moon applies to trine Mercury in 13 weeks/months so it may take this long before an official report or before this mystery is understood. Moon trines retrograde Mars in the 11th house in 20 degrees or weeks/months and can be interpreted:

. . .when the Moon applies to a good aspect of a retrograde planet, it brings the matter to an end one way or another speedily, and when least suspected . . .

Part I: Astrology of Malaysia Flight 370

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